Blogging Obsessions

I am not sure if it is an “actual condition” but I think blogging may be pretty addictive. Like reality tv for the girl who doesn’t watch tv. . .me. Once I started blogging I couldn’t stop and I can’t stop reading the blogs of other bloggers, and all of this blogging is making me think of new blogs and old blogs and blogs I should have written. . . gosh I am tired just typing this!

While I was in Connecticut, I thought I would get a bunch of blogging in and because I am, well me, I couldn’t figure out my iPad wordpress app. . . and so I took a writing break for a while.

Well that just FUELED THE FIRE, and I read and followed my favorite bloggers to their new favorite bloggers, and WOW has my inbox been FULL every morning with new blogspots.

So here are my latest obsessions, the blogs that I may or may not be able to live without:

1. The Southern Eclectic

My Photo

Follow super cool mommy, fashion designer, lifestyle blogger Sheridan French’s blog and become cooler just reading. . . easy peasy. FIY-She started it all for me. . . .

2. Amber Interior Design

Amber’s interior design blog will more than inspire you with her daily post’s of fabulous fabric, amazing furniture, inspirational pictures and too cool for words posts!

3. Emily A Clark

Local Charlotte mommy Emily Clark’s design blog is awesome! Here she shares her portfolio, decorating ideas and how she works her magic. fascinating! Plus her finds are local. MAJOR SCORE!

4. Clementine and Olive

Follow Erin, mommy to twins and DIY/affordable expert extraordinaire! She has the best Etsy shop and I can’t believe I forgot to add her to my Best of Etsy awards. For sure she will top the charts in the fall!

Check out my new artwork purchase (from her Etsy store) for Coop’s big boy room. It was $15!

Keep Calm and Carry On Painted Art
I can not wait to get it!!!

4. Dilly Dallas

If only I could have been. . . Follow Wilmington, Delaware Artist, Fashionista, Interiors Guru and style icon Dallas Shaw on her daily amazing finds and excellent adventures!

Check out this awesome find on her website from Dannijo for $80

Next week I swear I am going to own this. . .

5. Things That Sparkle

Things That Sparkle

Alexandra Berlin has a fun, light-hearted blog where she shares pictures of her favorite finds, travels, etc. So I love it of course!

That should give you a running start to my world of blogging!




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