If You Havent, You Should: Eat at 15 North Roadside

Fact: Charlotte is full of amazing restaurants!

Fact: 15 Roadside North tops my  list of Hip  Southern Casual Dining!! 

The evening started early, 5:30pm to be exact. In defence of my “self implied” coolness, we were with the whole family celebrating birthdays. Yes, the whole family including the kids!

The interior at 15 North is part Urban, part West Coast, with way more than a hint of Napa style. The cool stainless steel garage doors add the urban feel. The farm-house tables and rustic barrel drum chandeliers make the Napa part POP! I feel at home immediately!

Our server was so knowledgable that I am still convinced he must be an owner in disguise. He takes our drink orders and recommends several wines and beers he thinks we will like…I think he might like them too!

Here’s what we grubbed on and here’s what we thought:


Fried Green Tomatoes-My mother in law Carolyn and I are die-hard Fried Green Tomato LOVERS and we thought these were to die for! Served perfectly thin, perfectly fried and  not even a bit mushy!!  Served with pimento cheese, red pepper jam and bits of applewood smoked bacon. Unbelievable and my favorite part of the night!

Deviled Eggs- Scotty’s favorite!! 2 were with applewood smoked bacon-the traditional southern way, 2 were my personal favorites with bits of smoked salmon and capers! North verses South! North Wins!

Parmesan and  White Truffle Pomme frites Love, Love,  truffle everything, but I can’t stand it when it’s all you taste of the food. That part was amazing, the truffle oil sat back and was it awesomely cool self! If it had been up to me (which of course nothing ever is) I would have cut the “fries” thinner and shaved the parmesan down to a finer texture. That said , I would definitely order again.


Grilled Peach and Vidalia Onion Salad with (added) Salmon – Southern even for Charlotte! Peaches grilled to perfection, Vidalia Onions so tender and sweet at first I wasnt sure what they were! Goat cheese sprinkles and a sweet balsamic dressing drizzled delicately on the plate added to the perfect presentation and flavor. The salmon carried its own weight, and although not on the menu (not that version any way!) anywhere else, it’s should be.  Maybe my new favorite salad. *What I ordered.

Pan Seared Flounder-  So pretty, truly I wanted to try it first! Three layers of pan seared flounder, piled high with red bliss potato’s, cucumber gazpacho and cherry tomatoes. Judging from the smile on Carolyn’s face, it was delicious!

Pan Seared Salmon-  Poor Scotty, I am always picking on him, but boy is he PICKY about his fish. (My mother worries about this in addition to everything else!) Well, I can tell you he was enjoying his salmon. He kept saying things like. . .”mine is NOT like yours” (coriander crusted) and “you have to try this risotto” (lemon). . . and “this sauce is great.”(Citrus beurre Blanc) I mean he really liked it!!

*We ordered more, but I was way too obsessed with our part of the table to pay enough attention to the rest!


Key Lime Pie- Thank heavens for birthdays and having the best excuse ever to order to dessert! In our case, the dessert was complementary, and we didn’t even ask!  I am not a Key Lime expert, but if I were, I would assume this was perfection. Carolyn is, and she was going on and on about it!

While we were finishing licking our plate, the live, acoustic musician (HELP???) came on next to us and fascinated the kids for another twenty minutes. I could have stayed all night at the bar listening to his soft voice and Jack Johnson/Pete Yorn style.

Oh, and NEXT time I am going to try the Lobster Rolls. According to our “owner in disguise” they make them the New England way. . .Now you’re talking my style!

Check out there website at http://roadsidekitchens.com

If it’s still under construction, click on the menu at http://roadsidekitchens.com/Resources/all/15N-Dinner_Menu7_25_2011.pdf

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!




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