In the Immediate Future

Sometime in February, when we were on parental cruise control, I thought it would be a GREAT idea to keep my wonderful and well-behaved children at home with me this summer. The bohemian life I always wanted, the last summer before I have to answer to CMS and it’s thousands of rules and regulations; a summer straight out of a children book. You see where I am going with this, of course. . . .

Ha! This summer has kicked my butt! I mean, my kids and I have done everything there is to do around this town, and they are still B-O-R-E-D!! I am not bored, my to-do list is ridiculous! And while I have been toting my kids to and fro, my house feels like it is crumbling down on me! I have lost the little control I was able to maintain, and my summer of leisure has turned into a summer of chaos!

Tomorrow morning at 7:45, Sadie Bug goes to Kindergarten, but tonight I am dreaming of the future. The future of me that is. . .

Here is the  top 10 things I will do immediately:

10. I will clean out my attic and my closets and donate and gift what we do not need. I will call a dumpster service for the rest.

9. I will write the 1,000 thank you notes I owe everyone from summer birthdays! I am the rudest person alive and I am sorry about that.

8. I will go to the Mint Museum Uptown and actually leave the children’s area.

7. I will go to Trader Joe’s and Harris Teeter and purchase real food.  I will give up my pool snack bar addiction.

6.  I will call all of my friends and family and have an actual conversation with them that does not include begging and pleading for silence . The call will last longer than 2 minutes.

5. I will plan a weekday visit to our favorite live music venue The Fillmore, and I will stay up way to late.

4. I will call my tennis pro and beg him for forgiveness and plead with him that he fix my backhand.  Oh, and I will use the new, super cool, tennis racquet my mother gave me for my birthday. (*Mom, see #9!)

3.  I will start reading the newspaper again. For better or worse.

2. I will download music and create playlists that do not start with “The Wheels on the Bus!” I will listen to the music through out the day, creating a calm and happy environment for myself.

1. I will spend quality time with my man Scotty! I will have lunch with him once a week and we will NOT talk about the children! I may even make him dinner.

The above will undoubtedly make me the best, happiest, most rested, well-rounded mommy and wife in the universe!

Until next Summer!!!




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