Put a Little Chevron in Your Life. . .

Chevron, you have seen it. . .that awesome geometric zigzag pattern that is EVERY WHERE!!! I used it on my kitchen bench pillows and can not wait to add it to other rooms in the house. I am thinking of painting it on the big wall above my fireplace, or maybe just to paint a painting for the wall. Or there is always the über affordable rug version at Urban Outfitters for our new upstairs study room. (ie: Coop’s old Nursery!)

Here are some inspiration photo’s.. . .Now, how will you use it!!

Cool Painting, I could totally do with tape and a brush. So could you!

chevron nursery

I am out of the nursery market these days, but if I were. . .

chevron on the ceiling

Metallic Chevron on the ceiling is a total statement!

historic chevron.

Chevron on the floors, historic style!

chevron fllor!!

Or Chevron Tile , in my Master Bathroom Dreams!

Chevron bookcase solution

Cool Bookcase Solution!

pretty schweet

Totally Affordable Urban Outfitters Chevron Chair. . . .



This awesome rug . . .

wear chevron!

Most likely, I will try and rock this style:)




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