Design Challenge: Home Office Space

Why is it that Allison and I can organize a closet in an afternoon and this home office “thingy” is such a challenge? In an effort to save money and my curtains, I am sticking with the same color scheme as Coop’s old  nursery. We are keeping the same bookcase and Serena & Lily brown and cream rug. And even though the major design pieces are in (ie: shiny white parson’s desk and white 8 cube cubby storage piece) I am still struggling for how to make it function for an active family.

Here’s where I am searching for inspiration:

Lony Office Space – Ikea all the way! Something in here is all ready upstairs!!

Lonny Offices

I love the mix of modern and transitional!

dressy home office

Mirrors make small spaces seem so much bigger!

design office @ home

Chalkboard Paint would be a great way to do homework at home. . .

home office inspiration

Great versatile storage is a must!

home office

This desk just makes me giddy!

Petite home offices

Now I have to get back to work!




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