More Than Enough


A recent and yet quite random conversation yesterday left me extremely clear in my personal intentions. Shocking, as I am rarely clear on anything, not even in yoga. I am envious of those who are.

When I was in my teens, I thought I knew everything. I knew nothing.

When I was in my 20’s I thought my life would be a “spectacular” achievement. I was going to do “something” amazing, live in Paris, London or New York. I would change the world in a way that most people could not begin to imagine. And although I was not yet sure what that “something” was going to be, I was positive in its outcome.

Oh, and I thought my family was completely screwed up.

Today, I am well into my 30’s and my definition of a “spectacular” life has changed drastically. I am a “stay at home mom” with a plentiful social life full of rewarding friendships, a fulfilling and wonderful (not perfect) marriage, two children who challenge but “complete” me and a couple of animals who seem to think I am the pack leader. (not in that order) We never have enough money. The American Dream I never knew I wanted.


Nope. Never. Knew. I. Wanted.

I wanted a career in the Arts. A career in Fashion. I wanted to be skinny, drink lots of coffee and cocktails and smoke way to many cigarettes. I wanted to make tons of money. I wanted to party. A lot.

I dont do any of the above.

What I do, is roll around on carpets and let my toddler use my side handles as airplane supports. We read 30 page children’s books, a lot. I forget to shower more than I will ever admit and I load up on antioxidant drinks that promise I will live to see my great-great grandchildren. I had better.

Everyone’s family is screwed up. I pray my children come to the same conclusion one day.

What I have is more than enough and I am grateful for that every day.

We all should be.



One thought on “More Than Enough

  1. Hey Taylor! Great seeing you this past weekend. So glad that this was the first post I read of yours! Your honesty brought a few tears to my eyes. Very cool.


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