Totally Lux: Reids Fine (est) Foods

I had hoped to spend tonight writing a review on Dilworth’s new breakfast joint Toast. . . .but after two breakfast’s in two days and four trips to the new hotspot, I am holding out hope for a better review. Instead of searching one out, this time I stumbled onto a wonderful reminder of why I love  Charlotte so very much. We never forget where we come from.

Reids Front*The sign is from 1931!

Local favorite and long time establishment, Reid’s Fine Foods, had an open house today at its new Selwyn location. When I was in college at Queens,  I would often frequent it’s  location in Myers Park on Providence Rd. (It was there LONG before I was in college, specifically  1928 or 31!) The grocery was full of old-time charm and such modern-day inefficiency’s like honor charge accounts, delivery service (if I remember correctly)  and rows of above average grocery’s, wine, meat and seafood to die for and so much more. Then one day in 1998 they closed and moved uptown to the 7th Street Station location in order to ride the uptown boom. I went there also. Lots of people did, but because of the recession, Reid’s Fine Foods has moved again and is back in the neighborhood that it came from, and I could not be more excited.  (To learn all about Reid’s past check out

The Open House today was full of fun festivities such as wine tasting and food sampling. Here are some of my favorites:

Busheelle Seasonings.  No preservatives, No calories and it’s Gluten Free:))

Cant wait to mix this with Olive Oil and serve with flat bread or use as a marinade to just about any kind of meat I could dream up!

A Little taste of Heaven. Jalapeno, Garlic and Cheddar Biscuits. . .Would make the best mini ham sandwiches ever. Who is going to teach me how to make them?
Sadies Fish Cakes. Recipe straight from Barbados. Made with Salted Cod and Plantains. So good, I cant believe it’s from around these parts. Going to serve up for dinner tomorrow night with yellow rice and something else?
Sin a Bit Cinnamon Bites. Sin more than a bit with these rocking awesome cinnamon biscuits from a higher place! Going to dish these up for breakfast ASAP!
Alright, so I have to admit that Reid’s is not always so economical but it is local. And while I may not be buying the above as part of my weekly grocery shopping, I will be stocking up for fun holiday gatherings.
Hope you all had a great weekend. I know we did!

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