Road Trip: Collin and I Run to Mary Jo’s and This Is What We Found

What to do on a dreary Monday? Head to Mary Jo’s Fabric Store in G-Town is what! My friend, decorator and fabric expert Collin Haglund and I set out in search of fabric samples for her clients and inspiration for me.

This is some of what we found:


Spruce up a chocolate-brown couch with this awesome upholstery weight fabric. Use it on anything from pillows to an ottoman. Be crazy brave and put it on a couch. . .designer heaven.


Multi-colored chevron is more earthy than it appears here.


Love this geometric goldeny yellow!


I want to use this vintage looking fabric in Sadie’s room some day!


Dress up a sitting area with this silky organic pattern.


Bold Gray + Yellow =’s FUN!


This is so modern I love it and can’t believe Mary Jo’s has it in stock! I want to cover a vintage chair in it!


Toned down version of the one above!


Collin is hard at work, of course!

Here’s What I Came Up With:


I took this gray and yellow chevron fabric and cut 2 1/2 yards. Collin and I are going to make partial slip covers for the dining room chairs at some point soon but thought for now I would do this:



PS: The fabric looks even better in person. The fluorescent lights and camera flash are the culprits.Oh and go to for information and directions.




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