Divine Intervention: Luxe Home Couture


One month after I thought I had finally nailed down my couch search for good, I stopped by Luxe Home Couture on East Blvd and completely changed my mind. This designer dream couch from Lee Industries rocked my world and put my less expensive version out of my mind forever. The couch shown above is just a wee bit too big for the already small space in my family room, but lucky for me they have a smaller sister that will work perfectly. Here it is in gray and it’s sister doesn’t have the shelter arms, but Scotty seems to like that. So, what do you think? I am pretty sure I am going with the textured sand color from above. . .

This is this space it is going into!


This was Scotty’s bachelor chaise, that used to reside in his man room, in his man house. . . . poor guy! I feel bad of course, but not THAT bad.

To check out that couch or look at the many other Lee Industry couches go to http://luxehomecouture.com/




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