Charlotte Artist Jennifer Levine has “Nothing to Lose”

Words I would use to describe Jennifer Levine:

Refreshing, Organic, Positive, Driven, Talented, a Natural Beauty.

Jennifer’s background is surprisingly conservative. Originally from Saint Louis, she is a graduate of Chapel Hill with a degree in Political Science and worked for many years in Investment Banking and Commercial Real Estate. She is a mother to three children and wife to college sweetheart Josh. She is a talented artist with a presence at Slate Interiors and Isabella. She does a lot of private commissions and donates more than her share to charity.

The artistic gene runs deep in Jennifer’s family. Her Grandmother was an artist and so is her Father. Josh’s mother was a traveling CMS art teacher. Her High School mentor, Mr. Grimm, groomed her talent and set the foundation for her work in mixed media, pencil and water-color. Her medium’s now include oil, watercolor, charcoal & pen, pastel and most everything else.

Her Dining Room is whimsical and inviting.

Personally, I would say that her art is defined not by a specific style but rather more by a constant drive to “challenge herself.” Her art is organic and fluid and her artistic range is great. The constant in her work is energy and movement; more specifically her viewer is left with an overwhelming sense of optimism.


Shown above is the product of one of her recent personal challenges: To draw an object with one line of pen and to “be ok” with the result. She followed with water colors and the stunning piece now hangs in her house.

Jennifer’s favorite subjects come from nature; tree’s and still life’s. She often focus’ on the micro, as opposed to the more common macro view of classical artists. She likes to experiment and to “see where it will take” her. As a result her work is layered in color, textured and is deep in content.

Drastically different from the works shown before are the basic silhouettes hanging in her front room. They are however, perfect examples of Jennifer’s meticulous attention to detail.

From the templates of her children’s silhouettes, she created this little “negative” beauty .

Jennifer quotes some of her favorite artist as Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler.

This inspiration is evident in the “unfinished” pieces in her studio.

To see Jennifer’s work first hand you can stop by Slate Interior’s. Check out there website for more information at


Limited pieces are also available at Isabella. Check out for store hours and information.

You may also contact Jennifer Levine directly at



BTW-I am terrible at  spelling. . .horrible. . .and I am going to have to have a long conversation with my editor!


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