I’ve Been Busy: It’s Springtime Y’all

Time has just been flying by, and as unfair as that usually seems, we have been having a great time over here. Easter was a smashing success at old Carolina Golf Club. Our “club in the hood” opened up the new outdoor patio and fire pit, hosted an amazing brunch and had so many kids at the Easter Egg Hunt that next year they are going to have to have a serious conversation with the Easter Bunny about Supply and Demand.


Scotty and I posed for a rare couples picture and it didn’t turn out terrible.


Cooper and Sadie got super serious about the Bunny.


Sadie’s luck shined when she found this 4 leaf clover outside of Kathy’s neighbor’s house!


The lamps finally arrived for our living room makeover  and they are so disco, I die! More to come on that later!


Tried my hand at gardening and landscaping last weekend and I think I might love my new hobby!


 . . . started the “Get Minty” project, so stay tuned for the final reveal this weekend!

Cheers to you all!!



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