A Walk on the Wild Side: Past vrs Present.

Living it.

As a self-proclaimed former “wild child” without a fear in the world, I find it extremely ironic that as a “practical adult” my fear levels have greatly escalated.  While I once lived my life with what others might call “reckless abandon,”  my present life is nothing short of a strategic military initiative.



As a two-year old: Climbing to the top of the high dive at Army Navy Country Club and jumping. . .while no one was watching. A perfect 10.

As a teenager: Hoping on a train in the middle of the night to NYC and scoring the first train home in the morning. No biggie, I wasnt going to pass that test anyhoo…KRISTIN!

As a post college graduate: Get on a plane to Munich as an afterthought and fly to Germany without a map or any idea what or where a glockenspiel is to meet the only person in the whole country I know. . .

In Decorating: Painted an entire room lime green in my $500 a month Myers Park rental. . .How much could my landlord really care??


@ My Three Year Old: You are going to need a life preserver, a Life Guard, Daddy on the diving board AND Mommy AND Sadie in the pool, and a clean drop. All other children please exit the deep end.

@ Taking Sadie into NYC for the 1st Time: Suffered from nightmares, sleep deprivation and anxiety for weeks. Multiple tour books, printed out maps, cell phone, extra pull ups and hourly check in’s with Daddy. Anxiety transferred to my Step Mother and this is her turf.

*Sadie Age 4 at Grand Central for the 1st time. No fear.

@Flying on a Plane: Requires two weeks worth of planning, packing, laundry, twelve trips to Target, 2 trips to church in deep prayer and a valium. *kidding on the valium, I couldnt find any if I tried.

@Decorating: Longing for grasscloth wallpaper to put in the sunroom. Suffering from wallpaper commitment issues. That stuff is NOT cheap and is a pain in the YOU-KNOW-WHAT to remove. I might have it forever.

So what do you think? Should I JUMP. . . 

Gabriel Hendifar

I love the depth and texture of this grasscloth with the dark floors.

celerie kemble-I want this grass cloth

@KMK thinks my sun room needs to be lavender


grass cloth

The Safest Option. . .

Love the Grey and Green



Collin and I decided this would be our model for the room.



And then wrap the wall of windows in curtain panels. . . .

@my loveliest of lovely readers, what do you think?


If only I had been this cautious when I . . .

Now that information is top-secret. . .




4 thoughts on “A Walk on the Wild Side: Past vrs Present.

  1. I agree with the other and say just bite the bullet! You’re right, cost is a factor and you’re stuck with it for a while, but grasscloth is such a warm look and a classic style. The room to the side will feel all wrapped up with this on the walls. I love it!

    Save a statement wall covering like your other fav’s for the hallway. xo

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