We Do Family, We Do Love

"In This House" Wall Decor


Snap shots from our beach vacation 2012

Sadie tuned six and I turned. . .

Cooper learned to swim. . .sort of!

Auntie Toot remembered how to relax.

Sadie loved on her Daddy and Crab Legs at the same time.

Aussie Uncle Brett took a break from kite surfing and chasing sharks with his bare hands,  long enough to  teach Charlie to FLY!

Aunt Minda took charge of Coopie’s sweet tooth and showed it whose boss. . .

And I was reminded how much I love these two little hooligans and how much they love me right back.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and that you feel every bit as loved as you are.



Love the little saying up top. . . purchase your own “In This House” sign and remind yourself every morning why the ones that make you work the hardest, give you back the most love.

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