Dilworth Home Tour: The List

505 Magnolia Avenue

Right after I posted the blog on Thursday evening, I realized that I had not given out ALL the information. As usual, I managed to get way ahead of myself!  MAJOR OOPSIE! I forgot to share the list of this years nine spectacular homes on the tour.

While I havent been able to put my hands on just the right pictures, I do have the list of this years homes and a link to WCNC’s online story on the home tour. Most (if not all) of the home’s on the tour are  featured in the slide show.

Click here to view:


1901 Dilworth Road

The List

1. 505 Magnolia Avenue

2. 428 East Kingston Avenue

3. 1017 Isleworth Avenue

4. 1156 Linganore Place

5. 416 Kingston Avenue

6. 1901 Dilworth Road

7. 1915 Winthrop Avenue

8. 635 Diana Drive

9. 1516 Lynway Drive

“Where Am I Now” will officially start tomorrow. . .



Photo Credits to Terry Loeb


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