The Lipari Casa: Mid-Century Modern Living in South Charlotte

At first glance, Beth & Billy Lipari’s 1950 mid-century modern home is more Palm Springs than Southern Traditional. Perfect enough to grace the pages of Elle Decor, the clean line’s of the sprawling white ranch reflect todays high standards for modern living. Since purchasing the home more than 12 years ago, the main living area has undergone many  transformations. Most recently redecorated in 2011, Beth and Billy were inspired by  master of simplicity and interior design great Vincente Wolf. Clean white paint and trim, recently added oversized skylights and multiple french doors provide the natural light and architectural interest to the spacious great room.

Wall to wall Mountain Grass carpet was the perfect choice for the busy family’s lifestyle. Besides bringing natural texture to the room, it’s durable fibers hold up extremely well to constant use by girls Hanna (6), Reese (4) and Boston Terrier,  Tino.   They then layered a antique Turkish rug to help define the living space as well as adding back in muted colors from the old world. Restoration Hardware’s Maxwell Belgian Linen couch sits wide and low to the ground and may be the most comfortable couch readily available in today’s market. Transitional style is complemented by the modern coffee table from  Design With In Reach.  The original brick fireplace has been updated with a custom stone mantel and hearth. A bevelled oversized mirror rests casually on the mantel, reflecting the natural beauty of the back lawn and adjoining outdoor pied a terre.

A major part of the latest transition was the addition of the custom designed built-in cabinets. Unlike more traditional units, the Lipari’s designed the built-in cabinets to  reflect the clean lines of the rest of the home.  Most importantly, it functions as a gallery space in which to display the couples many collections.

Maybe the most impressive piece in the room is the 1950’s Koken barber chair. A family heirloom, Billy carefully restored, rechromed and reupholstered it to it original beauty. The historic chair originates from the Easton Hotel Barber Shop in Easton, Pennsylvania and is an ode to Beth’s styling profession.

Once home to Billy’s pool table and bar area, the upper level of the great room is now a spacious dining area for the whole family to enjoy. With a clear image in mind, the couple worked with furniture maker Eric Tiechman to design the perfect pedestal, round,  oak table. Directly above hangs a sophisticated  modern drum  chandelier. The timeless piece blends seamlessly with the whitewashed color pallete, while providing evening ambience that is ideal for entertaining.   A white garden stool and leucite ghost chair  float in the far corner, bringing seemingly weightless additional seating to the room.

Can’t get enough of the Lipari’s abode? Neither can I! You can bet I will be back for more pictures to share of their  always transitioning inspiring spaces.

Wishing you all a relaxing and fun-filled Labor Day weekend!




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