Where Am I Now: The Detailed Home (Part 3)

What does this detailed metal basket chandelier from New York City’s ABC Carpet & Home have in common with this years Dilworth Home Tour?


*ABC Carpet & Home Showroom

That’s an easy one!  One of our favorite homes on this years tour boasts one even cooler. This amazing homeowner scored her’s at local Merchant/Vendor Slate Interiors!

Get your own taste of high design at one of this years Dilworth Home Tour’s most styling homes! Check out what other details are sure to please and stay tuned for where to go to see even more amazing details and architectural pleasures.

A bar in a nook? Why not! The perfect place for refreshing one’s cocktail at an intimate dinner party.

Take time for yourself and dress up a corner in the family room with a fun lamp and a tray for your favorite magazines.

Want to display your favorite smaller objects, without having them look like clutter? Take the jackets off of your most cherished design books and stack them three books high.

Define understated elegance by adding trendy elements like the Greek Key to smaller details throughout the house.

Where on the Dilworth Home Tour am I now?




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