ABC Carpet and Home

20120923-054607.jpgGuess where I was a couple of weeks ago? Visiting my fabulous sister in the equally fabulous NYC! With three days to myself, I had only one thing on my agenda. . .ABC Carpet & Home!! Lindsey lives in the West Village, so I had the bright idea to walk on up to 19th Street. . . The walk was pretty long, but the trip was worth it!

20120923-054651.jpgWalls of hide rugs greeted me in ABC Carpet! The prices were all in the $300-$500 range. We all know a good dealer at Metrolina that can beat the price, but maybe not the selection20120923-054739.jpgPillows and blankets stacked 10 rows high! 20120923-054751.jpgDivine pillows and fabric by Eskayel. . .I have samples at home I ordered from Walnut Wallpaper, but nothing like this!20120923-054807.jpgA brass bike that made my mouth water it was so divine!20120923-054826.jpgAt this weeks Trina Turk event in Charlotte, NC, she displayed these exact pendants in one of her stores!20120923-054847.jpgAll of the elevator doors have distinct themes. . .this one is my favorite by far!20120923-054903.jpgNothing less than fabulous: A coffee table made of reclaimed wood and liquid chrome legs! 20120923-054927.jpgMarble Kitchen Island on Vintage 1890 Machinist Base-$12,500.00 The perfect historic island for a modernist kitchen. 20120923-055014.jpgJonathan Robshaw bedding steals the show.20120923-055138.jpgNo doubt this is classier than your average garden stool.20120923-055226.jpgRalph Lauren makes a strong impact and I know I want to live on this floor!20120923-055239.jpgIt’s all in the details! Exposed nail heads add rustic charm to an elegant linen chair.

All in all, I spent over 4 hours visiting 5 floors and was inspired more than I could begin to share with you.

What inspires you?



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