Oh, Happy Day: Win a Room From Lucy & Company!!!

Holler. . . .It has been 10 years of hard work and dedication to design from Lucy & Company Owner and Principal Beth Keim. . . So let’s help her get to her goal of 3,650 followers. . .The EXACT amount of days Beth has spent building, designing and mastering the art of  making all things lovely and beautiful. Well, she’s been at it way longer than that, but you see what I am getting at!!! Beth’s hard work is going to equal a free room for one of her loyal followers.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

If you have had a chance to read the current issue of Dilworth Quarterly, then you saw the story I wrote on Lucy & Company. If you havent and you are a local Dilworth resident, you should definitely check it out. The article is full of fun information on the fabulous Beth Keim, her ridiculously rad interior design business Lucy & Company and her always inspirational blog www.lucyandcompanyblog.com .

Good Luck!



The Lipari Casa: Mid-Century Modern Living in South Charlotte

At first glance, Beth & Billy Lipari’s 1950 mid-century modern home is more Palm Springs than Southern Traditional. Perfect enough to grace the pages of Elle Decor, the clean line’s of the sprawling white ranch reflect todays high standards for modern living. Since purchasing the home more than 12 years ago, the main living area has undergone many  transformations. Most recently redecorated in 2011, Beth and Billy were inspired by  master of simplicity and interior design great Vincente Wolf. Clean white paint and trim, recently added oversized skylights and multiple french doors provide the natural light and architectural interest to the spacious great room.

Wall to wall Mountain Grass carpet was the perfect choice for the busy family’s lifestyle. Besides bringing natural texture to the room, it’s durable fibers hold up extremely well to constant use by girls Hanna (6), Reese (4) and Boston Terrier,  Tino.   They then layered a antique Turkish rug to help define the living space as well as adding back in muted colors from the old world. Restoration Hardware’s Maxwell Belgian Linen couch sits wide and low to the ground and may be the most comfortable couch readily available in today’s market. Transitional style is complemented by the modern coffee table from  Design With In Reach.  The original brick fireplace has been updated with a custom stone mantel and hearth. A bevelled oversized mirror rests casually on the mantel, reflecting the natural beauty of the back lawn and adjoining outdoor pied a terre.

A major part of the latest transition was the addition of the custom designed built-in cabinets. Unlike more traditional units, the Lipari’s designed the built-in cabinets to  reflect the clean lines of the rest of the home.  Most importantly, it functions as a gallery space in which to display the couples many collections.

Maybe the most impressive piece in the room is the 1950’s Koken barber chair. A family heirloom, Billy carefully restored, rechromed and reupholstered it to it original beauty. The historic chair originates from the Easton Hotel Barber Shop in Easton, Pennsylvania and is an ode to Beth’s styling profession.

Once home to Billy’s pool table and bar area, the upper level of the great room is now a spacious dining area for the whole family to enjoy. With a clear image in mind, the couple worked with furniture maker Eric Tiechman to design the perfect pedestal, round,  oak table. Directly above hangs a sophisticated  modern drum  chandelier. The timeless piece blends seamlessly with the whitewashed color pallete, while providing evening ambience that is ideal for entertaining.   A white garden stool and leucite ghost chair  float in the far corner, bringing seemingly weightless additional seating to the room.

Can’t get enough of the Lipari’s abode? Neither can I! You can bet I will be back for more pictures to share of their  always transitioning inspiring spaces.

Wishing you all a relaxing and fun-filled Labor Day weekend!



Meet Stevie: My new Mac baby

For the last several months, my most loved and 1st computer, has been slowly shutting down. Unable to add any more memory or delete any more priceless files, I knew our time together was limited.

Yesterday morning, after a long night trying to jump start it, my sweet old computer finally started to crash. Enter my newest blogging machine, Stevie… Get it Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac fame! Finally up to date with technology, I will finally have enough memory to load blogger tool loves like photoshop!!

Also look for a new change in the next week to a totally cool new look and blogging platform… Which I can not WAIT to share with you!!!

As soon as my computers finish migrating… I will be back in business!



Oh, and don’t worry about my oldest computer love… We are going to clear the hard drive and make it good as new for Sadie Bug and Coop’s! While I gained a new blogging machine…. they are gaining a homework machine…


Intern Wanted: No Experience Necessary

On this last day of summer, I thought this re-post from last summer would make all my mommy readers laugh a little. . .

Intern Wanted to assist in all domestic and child rearing responsibilities.

  • Duties include changing poopy and wet diapers, cleaning of Diaper Genie, wiping runny noses and seepy eyes.  Administering all medication as need with occasional mild force.(See below)
  • Ability to effectively manage and punish unruly children is a requirement, although no use of excessive force is permitted by State and Federal Laws. One must master such infective forms of control such as “Time Out” and sayings such as “it hurts my feelings when you throw large plastic trucks and Barbie’s at my head.”
  • Children will  nap at appropriate times. Your time will be spent scrubbing showers with Tilex. (There is no conclusive evidence that there is permanent respiratory damage). Please limit exposure to no more than 20 minutes at a time. Just in Case.
  • Daily vacuuming,  dusting, collecting of toys from small vents and uneven surfaces, dishes, and windexing of handprints and jelly smudges is a must.
  • You will run 3 to 5 loads of laundry a day. You will fold 6.
  • Intern will be expected to remain in the kitchen at all times. Healthy and nutritious meals must be provided at least three to five times a day.  Snack’s must be readily available all day. You may not help yourself to the food. Should this happen,  you will gain an unfair amount of weight that you will not be able to lose for several years. This is discouraged by Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • There is limited exposure to the all forms of media other than the internet. Please limit yourself to no more than 10, 2 minute sessions. Television is to be left on Nick Jr.
  • Please do not expect any reassurance or positive feedback. Once you prove yourself, in 18 or 20 years, you will be appreciated.
  • You will work 20 hour days for unknown amounts of time. Vacations are only deemed necessary before emotional breakdowns.
  • Finally, This is an unpaid position.


Taylor C. Presson

Sheriff around these parts.

Interested Partys should contact http://www.sweethomecharlotte.net

I saw an ad for a Cool Design Intern this morning and thought I needed one as well. . .  GENIUS!!!

Charlotte Smarty Pants liked my blog so much that they posted it on their site. Check it out at:


Here I am. . . 635 Diana Drive

This charming modern bungalow was built in 2008 by long-term Dilworth residents Lori and Andy Culicerto.  Constructed by Six Sigma builders, with interior design credit owed to Natalie Fey with Celedon Interiors, this beautiful home is everything the home owners were looking for to raise their growing family.

The well loved porch swing is perfect for long afternoon naps and rainy day’s.

An open floor plan, oversized marble island and chef’s kitchen are the perfect backdrop for family gatherings. The main floor kitchen opens to the informal livingroom, bar and second floor balcony. Fully equipped with a wood burning fireplace and plenty of room for entertaining; everything about this floor plan is friendly and inviting.

The stone fireplace and dark floors set the mood for long winter nights bubdled up by the fire.

While the Culicerto’s love hanging out at home, their  favorite part about living in Dilworth is being able to walk to favorite restaurants like Fiamma, Copper and Cantina.

Come by 635 Diana Drive and dream BIG.



*Top  two photo’s are by  Terry Loeb.

Dilworth Home Tour 2012: Where am I Now? (Part II)

Outdoor living reins supreme in this spacious Dilworth home. Multiple living areas, wood burning fireplaces and  indoor/outdoor kitchens help make this modern bungalow as family friendly as it gets.

Soothing spa like colors and natural fibers lend to the comfortable atmosphere.

The gracious downstairs kitchen (opens in more than one way) onto yet another outdoor entertaining area.

This house is begging for visitors all year-long!

Where am I now?

Tada. . .428 East Kingston Avenue

If you havent already guessed, I was at this years signature home, 428 East Kingston Avenue. This stately home was built in 1905, making it over 105 years old.  After years of neglect, the home was considered for demolition in the 1970’s. In 1989, the home was acquired and completely renovated to reflect its original grandeur. In 2001, current owner Daniel Austin purchased the home and further restored this historic property.

A must see on the tour, I know you will find as must inspiration within the walls and gardens, as I have!



Photo credit to Terry Loeb 

Information on the home is from the Dilworth Home Tour Press Release.

Dilworth Home Tour 2012: Where Am I Now?

My Tropical Paradise!!!

The backyard of this Dilworth home reminds me more of Nevis, BVI than it does of Charlotte, North Carolina!! The lush Palm and Banana Tree’s  help create this exotic getaway in the heart of the city. I can not imagine a better way to unwind after a long day at the office, than taking a quick dip in the stone lined pool and then sprawling out on a lounge chair. Feeling a bit chilly, warm up in the attached jacuzzi. . . There is something for every season!!

Interesting Fact: Some of Koi fish in the pond are more thirty years old.

I had so much fun at this house, you can be sure I will be back!!

Where am I now?



Dilworth Home Tour: The List

505 Magnolia Avenue

Right after I posted the blog on Thursday evening, I realized that I had not given out ALL the information. As usual, I managed to get way ahead of myself!  MAJOR OOPSIE! I forgot to share the list of this years nine spectacular homes on the tour.

While I havent been able to put my hands on just the right pictures, I do have the list of this years homes and a link to WCNC’s online story on the home tour. Most (if not all) of the home’s on the tour are  featured in the slide show.

Click here to view:


1901 Dilworth Road

The List

1. 505 Magnolia Avenue

2. 428 East Kingston Avenue

3. 1017 Isleworth Avenue

4. 1156 Linganore Place

5. 416 Kingston Avenue

6. 1901 Dilworth Road

7. 1915 Winthrop Avenue

8. 635 Diana Drive

9. 1516 Lynway Drive

“Where Am I Now” will officially start tomorrow. . .



Photo Credits to Terry Loeb

Blogging it up: Dilworth Home Tour 2012

Charlotte Dilworth

Dilworth’s greatest tradition, the Dilworth Home Tour 2012 is getting ramped up and ready to go for this years tour starting Friday September 21st from 6-9pm and Saturday September 22 from 10am until 4pm. A sure sign of the arrival of fall, Dilworth residents spruce up the neighborhood and put our best foot forward to showcase this amazing event.

This years home tour will focus on (9) exceptional homes, from a historic home once slated for demolition to total rebuilds, this years tour is all jazzed up for everyone to enjoy!  Tickets are $20. The bulk of the  proceeds will go to the DCDA (Dilworth Community  Development Association) and 20% of the proceeds will go to Dilworth Cares. This years recipient of Dilworth Cares is the  Charlotte Family Housing.

 Go to www.dilworthonline.org or stop by Dilworth Drug, Black Lion, Park Rd Books,  Paper Skyscraper or T.Reid & Company to pick up your tickets.

Starting TOMORROW,  I will doing a series of blog entries, The Dilworth Home Tour 2012:  WHERE AM I  NOW!! Lucky me!!!  I will be stopping by some of  the homes on the tour to snap  pictures of my favorite details to share with you!

Send me your best guess as to which home I am at on the tour.  Get your children involved and share with your friends just some of the fun of living in Dilworth!

Lets get this years Dilworth Home Tour started off right “ya’ll”



The images above were taken from http://www.dilworthopnline.org and the photography credit is to Terry Loeb.